How can general healthy principles also benefit the eye? - Dr. Robert Benza

by Dr. Robert Benza, MD 27. June 2014 09:20

There are many conditions which can impact the eye. Hypertension and Diabetes are two common conditions which can significantly impact vision.   Therefore,  patients who exercise regularly, eat well and control their blood pressure are less likely to have more significant eye disease. We know that smoking increases the risk for cataract and macular degeneration. All patients who smoke should consider quitting for their general health and eyesight. Many physicians feel that a good diet supplemented with a multivitamin and certain types of omega fatty acids can contribute to better macular health. Simply wearing sunglasses also can help protect the eyes. Patients with high cholesterol are also at increased risk for macular and eye disease. Controlling ones cholesterol with diet or medication is extremely important for vision as well. Consult your physician for the appropriate diet, exercise plan, and possible vitamin therapy for your particular situation. You may get vision benefits as well. Remember, protect those eyes!

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