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by Dr. Robert Benza, MD 21. June 2014 12:00

Transition glasses----are they better than the old photogray sunglasses of the past?   Transition lenses have the ability to darken when activated by the sunlight.   This is a very nice feature for eye comfort as well as protecting the eyes from sunlight which can increase your risk for macular degeneration and cataract.   In the past,  many patientsdidn't like the quality of the photogray lenses.  Today,  transition lenses have improved.  They can be purchased in a lighter or darker variety depending on patient choice.   More importantly,  they return to their natural state quicker when going from an outside environment to a inside location.  In our practice,  more patients are choosing transition lense than in the past.

Are there any negatives to these types of lenses?  They tend not to activate behind a windshield.  Therefore,  a patient who does a great deal of driving who desires more sunlight protection may opt to have a pair of dedicated sunglasses in that situation.   In a really cold environment,  they may transition slower back to their natural state when moving indoors. Therefore,  talk with your eye care professional and discuss your daily routines to determine whether transition glasses
might be right for your lifestyle.   Remember,  protect those eyes!!

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